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Company Philosophy Advanced Storage & Transportat
  Since the foundation of our Company in 1934, we have been developing ourselves into the most comprehensive transportation company with the motto of “Safety, Speed, and Sincerity.” In order to cope with a further innovation in an “Advanced Storage and Transportation” in our business, we have re-launched our Company, Kinki Transportation & Warehouse Co., Ltd., under a new name on August 1st, 2005.
To take advantage of our 70 years accumulated business assets, know-how, and technical expertise, we firmly seek the future of our customers needs, and develop and offer to the customers an advanced storage and transportation.
We will continue to serve our three major business fields in marine transport, storage, and land transport, and will extend our service into a more consolidated distribution and a more globalized transportation, which are surely the demand of our customers in future.
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Using our nation-wide framework we are actively promoting our business and consulting services. Leading edge techniques and skills have been adopted by making our time developed distribution know-how available. As professionals in an advanced storage and transportation industry, we plan to offer to our customers to meet their every need in distribution systems in future, from quality control, safety, and efficient transport to cost saving measures.
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Trade name AST Inc.
Address Head Office
4-17-23 Kita-horie, Nishi-ku,
Osaka city, 550-0014, Japan
TEL 81-6-6538-2781 FAX 81-6-6534-0536
Established April 1934
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Employees 250
Business contents 1. Storage : tank, hazardous materials storage, various storage facilities
2. Marine transport : chemical tankers, gas carriers
3. Land transport : tank lorries, containers, trucks
4. Customs brokering : bonded, comprehensive customs services
5. Industrial waste treatment : collecting, transporting and disposal of
     industrial waste from ships
6. Manufacturing and sales of toxic agents and deleterious materials
7. Other enterprises related to the fields above
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Business Scope
We provide a total distribution service, from marine transport to the shipping terminal, through land transport with high value-added petrochemicals that require a high standard of quality control as our primary focus. Our advanced facilities, which include among others anti-corrosion, heat-retention, and warming functions, a thorough safety education program and a safety control framework along with sophisticated handling procedures provides the quality control that satisfies our customers.
Additionally, with the international quality management standard ISO9001 as a starting point we have further developed our own standards for overseas customers demands by deploying a meticulously planned distribution service.
Marine Transport Terminals Land Transport

Through developed skills and know-how from our own chemical tankers and gas carriers’ ocean transport systems we have the experience in high level quality control needed for reliably transporting petrochemicals.
We store a great variety of petrochemical products and materials using high standards for our storage facilities and safety management techniques. These facilities meet the various needs of our customers as a base for stock and delivery.
Using tank lorries and other various kinds of transport vehicles we can efficiently transport petrochemical products in single lots or bulk with our safety optimized system. We are also equipped to cope with various forms of packing.
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